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Addante, Shylah

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Garden of Thorns and Light

Ashmawey, Ibrahim

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E.T.A (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Baratz-Logsted, Lauren

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Doggone; The Adventures of Sherlock Bones: Dog Not Gone

Bergeson, N.R. 

The Magnificent Glass Globe

Boughan, F. M.

Cinderella, Necromancer; Cinderella's Inferno

Brown, Jennie K

Poppy Mayberry: The Monday; Poppy Mayberry: Return to Power Academy

Brosz, Tom

Roger Mantis

Buckley, Andrew

Hair in All the Wrong Places, Hair in All the Wrong Places 2, Hair in All the Wrong Places 3

Clark, R.M

Tick Tock Man

Davis, Jennifer Anne


Day, Charles

The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief

Decker, Natalie

Within These Veins

Di Liscia, Clare


Doolittle, Danielle


Hawk's Eye, Hawk's Nest

Doyle, W.H.

Tudor Rose

Easton, Tobie

Emerge, Submerge, Immerse

Drago, Ty

The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater; The Undertakers: Last Siege of Haven; The Undertakers: End of the World

Eaton, Jennifer

Fire in the Woods, Ashes in the Sky, Embers in the Sea

Emerson, Ocelot

Bertie’s Book of Spooky Wonders

Evans, Malayna

Jagger Jones and the Mummy's Ankh

Fitch, E. M.

Of the Trees, At Woods Edge, Beyond the Wild Wood

Ford, J. Keller

In the Shadow of the Dragon King, Rage of the Dragon King, Bane of the Dragon King

Franklin, Jeremiah

Dark Tomorrow

Garretson, Dee

Station Fosaan, Reyet Trap, Paradox Hunt

Herz, Henry L.

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The Magic Spatula

Huff, Bryan

The Prince and the Goblin Trilogy

Joschko, Justin

Yellow Locust, Iron Circle

Kroepfl, Jim & Stephanie


Ledbetter, Chris

The Sky Throne, The High Court

Lenk, Jerico

The Missing

Madge, Rory

The Prince and the Goblin Trilogy

McBride, Georgia


McCrina, Amanda

Blood Road, Blood Oath

McFarlane, Melanie

There Once Were Stars, Summoner Rising, Here Skies Surround Us

Mersault, Mike

When Shadows Walk

Nance, Andy

Kids From G.H.O.S.T - Author

Patel, Shaila


Patti, Caroline T.

Into the Dark, Into the Light, The Sponsored

Payson, D.C

Lost Princess

Pon, Cindy

Serpentine, Sacrifice

Purdy, Rebekah

Legend of Me

Reece, Julie

The Artisans, The Paladins

Richard, Nikki

Demons in the Whitelands

Schaffer, Jo

Stanley & Hazel, Stanley & Hazel: The Winnowing

Thorsness, Kristin

The Wicked Tree

Vassey, Kaye

Kids from G.H.O.S.T - Illustrator

Waxman, Mark S.

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The Funny Kid

Vitalie, Samantha

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The Lady Alchemist

Wilson, Scott


Woodburn, Dallas

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The Best Week That Never Happened

Zakian, Jamie

Project Emergence, Project Emergence 2, Superheroes Suck

Zien, Sam "The Cooking Guy"

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The Magic Spatula